How Can You NOT Have Cricket Protein Powder!?

Hypothetical (or maybe not)… You see something online that talks about an ingredient that recent studies have shown can increase weight loss results.  It seems a bit too good to be true and… Continue reading

I’m Eating Healthier… So, Why Do I Feel So Sick?

If you’ve ever made a drastic change to improve your diet… more specifically, if you’ve ever gone from a diet rich in fats and sugar (processed foods, fast food, sweet drinks, pizza, etc)… Continue reading

Why Stress Makes You Fat

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to keep the weight off with seemingly no effort?  Have you ever gained weight without a justifiable cause… your diet and activity level remained the… Continue reading

Fasting is lasting!

I had to check the scale twice.  Twenty-three pounds… in four weeks!  I was ecstatic, as was my wife.  What started as an experiment in nutrition and some low expectations wound up blowing… Continue reading

What’s Wrong With “Wanting”?

Google “Happiness” and you’ll find endless sites and quotes preaching of the secret to happiness.  A common theme is the thought that happiness lies within the things you have in your life… not… Continue reading

The Lesson I Learned Through a Lens.

Have you ever regretted the photos you’ve taken?  I have.  I look back to what should have been one of the most memorable moments in my life but instead, I feel robbed.  It’s… Continue reading

The Skinny on Detoxification, Part II

In part I, we took a brief look at our body’s main detoxification system.  Now that we understand the role nutrition plays, we can better navigate our way through the sea of products… Continue reading

On the Floor, Holding my Chest, Looking up at my Wife… Embarrassed!

I wish I’d done this three years ago.  You see, for those who don’t know my past, I was once a very unhealthy person who unfortunately, like most people, needed a health scare… Continue reading

The Skinny on Detoxification, Part I

Let’s talk detoxification.  Though the concept has been around for a very long time, it’s now gaining in popularity and as such, we find ourselves faced with a myriad of products to help… Continue reading

There’s No Time For Being Healthy!

I recently read a quick blog post by Marina Lukic that indirectly references this wonderful article titled, “Hungry Planet: What the World Eats“.  It really gives us a great look at the differences… Continue reading